Dec 9, 2014

I'm back

I'm back!!! 
A lot has happened since my last post {hospital stays, hubby came home, and we had a baby}

I'll keep the recaps short. 

Hospital stays......UGH
I started to develop preeclampsia again durning this pregnancy which caused for high blood pressure and an abnormal amount of pregnancy swelling. I also had the joy of getting gestational diabetes too, which included pricking myself 8x thought the day (blood sugar check and insulin). The good news is it has all went away since having the baby. In the last few weeks of my pregnancy I ended up in the hospital 4x, it was annoying to say the lease. 

I was lucky enough to be able to FaceTime with John durning every dr/hospital visit. I doubt he realized it but even though he was 6000 miles away he helped keep my sanity. Due to some of the issues I was having with this pregnancy, John was able to put in a packet (to return home early) thankfully it was approved and with in a few days he was on his way home. We decided not to tell anyone because you never know how the Army operates and we didn't want to get anyone's hopes up of john coming home. 

The day John came home was of course the day I got sent to the hospital for an overnight visit! I was so upset because that was not part of my plan. I was going to get graham and we were going to surprise him at the airport. Now I was going to be stuck in a hospital bed for 24hrs. Luckily my awesome friend Jackie stuck around hung out at the hospital with me then when his delayed flight actually came in she ran over to get him.  So sadly there was no grand airport greating...just me layed up in a hospital bed. But the hubby was the talk on the OB floor that night.

Hubby Came Home

This was probably the hardest secret that I had to keep...I knew roughly a week or so prior that John would be coming home early from his deployment but we chose not to tell anyone.  We weren't looking for a grand homecoming we both knew how the Army operates and until his plane landed at home...neither one of us would believe it.

John's first night back home was spent in the hospital with me while I was being monitored.  He came in my hospital room in uniform and bags in tow.  For whatever reason, I was so nervous to see him. This was the first time, durning this pregnancy that he would see me in person (9months pregnant...Sexy let me tell yea).  It worked out in our favor because my dr was the on call dr that day and they got us out of there pretty quickly and we were on our way home.

My mother & father-in law and the boys were all at the house and no one had a clue that John was with me.  John was driving as we pulled into the drive way...luckily my windows are tented so no one noticed who was driving the van.  I got out of the passenger side of the van as my MIL came outside and I think it took her a minute to realize what was going on.

We also waited until my stepson was away from all vehicles because I was pretty sure he was going to jump off of the lawnmower.

I was most concerned for Graham and Daddy's reunion...I wasn't sure how he would react to seeing daddy in person. I didn't want him to be scared or not want to go to him...when we got home Graham was sleeping and we decided to take a chance and wake him up.  Luckily, Graham picked up right where they left off.

We had a baby

A few days after John got home, I had my bi-weekly Dr visit.  The nurses loved that he was able to make it to every dr apt (via Facetime)  My one nurse was so excited she game him a huge hug lol.  On our final visit my vitals were of course enough to send us back to the hospital.  Here we were, 4 days before our delivery date and I'm back in the hospital. At this point we were ready for baby, but the dr decided to hold off until our delivery date the following week.

August 26, 2014....we meet with our birth photographer at the hospital a little before 1000, checked in, and started getting ready for baby.  I went in to surgery at 1200 and at 1234 we had a healthy baby boy (i'll do a birth store post later)