Feb 27, 2014

25 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Hey everyone Happy Friday Eve!!!
Thought I'd share a few things {25 to be precise}that you probably didn't know about me.

1. I lived in Germany for almost 3 years. I hated it at first because it was so different but soon grew a love for it. I miss Germany/Europe and try to get back there as much as I can.

2. My guilty TV pleasures: ENews!, Bachelorette/Bachelor, Grey’s Anatomy, & HGTV. When my husband is home and the Bach or GA is on…I’m shunned to the bedroom to watch TV. But its ok….i get to watch TV in the peace and quiet.

3. You will never see me eat: seafood, milk, eggs, cottage cheese

4. I can not watch Boxing/UFC or anything close to it. I can not stand to watch people get punched in the face. It seriously creeps me out.

5. I don’t wear high heels. I wear combat boots and a military uniform 5+ days of the week. {insert your momma wears combat boots joke here}

6. I love to travel. It doesn’t matter where. You say go and I’m in.

7. I have a running bucket list.

8. I have a very thin skin and things get to me really easy, but I come off like I have a really thick skin and don’t let things get to me.

9. The term “best friend” weirds me out. I’ve learned that friends come and go and there only a select few who stay around for the long haul. I would rather have several Good, dependable friends than just 1 or 2 “best” friends.

10. I eat out way too much. It’s not that I don’t know how to cook, because I do, but when it’s just me and Graham I get lazy. And I’m SUPER picky about leftovers.

11. I have a chap stick addiction. I have chap stick on my at all times. There is a stick in every vehicle. You can find chap stick at random throughout our house.

12. I’m a jean, t-shirt flip flop type of girl or sports bra and yoga pants {I wear a shirt over the sports bra…trust me no one wants to see that hot mess}

13. I played 2 years of college basketball and I had the same basketball coach from 4th grade to college.

14. I have been to all 50 states.

15. A nice relaxing day at the winery is one of my all time favorite places to be. I can’t pass up a good glass of wine.

16. I was 6 months pregnant with Graham before we really told people. Our close family and a few friends knew but everyone else found out later.

17. Heights don’t bother me at all. It’s when I’m standing on the ground and looking up at a really tall object that makes me dizzy. I will have to hold on to something in order to look up and not practically fall over.

18. I was 31 before I was baptized. Graham and I were baptized on the same day.

19. I hate folding laundry. I’ll sort and wash it all day but it can sit in the basket when I get it out of the dryer because idk but I despise folding it.

20. I don’t like pumping gas, especially when it’s cold…but when I do, it has to end with an even amount. I will not stop pumping gas at $61.24, I will round it up to $61.50 or $62.00 and if I can’t get that much in…$61.75.

21. Being in pictures makes me nervous. I always tell myself that I will start being in more pictures but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’m more comfortable taking pictures than being in them.

22. I can not stand to be late. Growing up as a child…our family was always late for functions. It drives me insane…if I’m not at least 10 mins early…I’m late.

23. The sound of fabric tearing gives me Goosebumps…its like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

24. I obtained my Master’s degree online by only taking 4 classes. I completed my Captain’s Career Course for the military and my CCC had a partnership program with a university. The university gave me 15 credits toward my Master’s program. So I only had 12 hrs left to do. My family made me walk for graduation. It was 90+, outside, and it ended up being 2 weeks before I had Graham…I thought I was going to die.

25. I’m actually pretty good at directions. I’ve been able to read a map for as long as I can remember. My dad used to drive a semi and I used to go with him on trips when I was little. Well that was before GPS so I would be his co-driver and I learned to read a map.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. My Little Rock Marathon is this weekend. I'll make sure to recap when I get back.

Feb 25, 2014

How I Met Your Mother

We're almost 1/2 way to the weekend!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend planned.  I will be heading to Little Rock for my next marathon!!!!  Bring on the bling

It has been almost 2 months since John has left and I’m missing him just a tad today. J
So I decide to do a how we met post today

Our story is unique…

John and I met back in 2009 when I moved back from Germany.  I had just moved to Springfield, started working a new job and was going through a divorce. I was in no position to even start looking for someone to date and to be honest had no desire to.  However, I did humor the idea and dated a few people here and there but I just needed some time for me.  I needed time to clear my head and to figure out what I wanted/needed to do with my life.

Shortly after I started working at my new job, John came to work at the same place. He was quiet and kept to himself. For the most part, most of the people in our office were all about the same age so we all got along well and became pretty good friends.  In the beginning, he wasn’t even on my radar. Mostly because he was married and I had no interest. He was funny and cute in his own way.  A ginger had never been one my “type” of people lol.

John started to come out of his shell more and started hanging out with us more and talking to us on a more personal level.  We learned that he too was going through a divorce so the 3-4 of us all had this common ground that we could talk about and share with each other. 

John and I started out as work friends; we both started doing races and started hanging out more with the same people.  We both tried online dating, so we would talk about all the “fun” people we had met, lol.  Hey don’t judge…  into the later part of summer we had started texting and showing interest into one another.

It wasn’t until August ’10 that john had actually asked me to go do something.  We have a state fair that happens every year and he had asked if I wanted to go with him to go see a concert.  I had a bachelorette party in Chicago that weekend and wasn’t coming back until Sunday which was the day of the concert.  I hadn’t heard too much from him that weekend because I was in Chicago and he was having a “guys” get together at his place. So on Sunday I took my time getting home and decided not to go. I honestly didn’t think he was serious because he hadn’t gotten tickets yet. I had never been to concert without tickets in hand, so I figured he wasn’t too serious about it.  Oh and don’t worry I still hear about it to this day.

We were still strictly friends and were still talking to other people, about a month later, I had tickets to a STL Cardinals game and the guy that was supposed to go with me flaked out.  I text john and asked him if he wanted to go.  I let him know that I had an extra ticket and a hotel room paid for and booked.  A weekend on baseball and drinking in STL…I mean how could you pass that up.  I was in Southern IL a few days prior to the game so I met John and 2 other friends who were going to the game in STL.

The weekend was a blast and that was the beginning of our relationship. We were inseparable from that weekend on.  It was strange really. I had never wanted to spend that much time with another person without them getting on my nerves.  We were either at my apt or his house.  It was Oct before we decided to make it official and “start dating” it seems so high schoolish now but still cute to me.
We dove head first and never looked back. A few weeks after dating we went out to DC for the Army 10 miler and then in Nov we took a trip over thanksgiving to Germany and Paris. It was a blast. I’ll post about our trip later.  The next summer we took a trip to Mexico and have traveled numerious places since then. 

our 1st Vacation!!! skiing in the Alps

our last night in Mexico

Our relationship probably doesn’t sound unique to anyone at this point…but the kicker is…we had to keep this all on the DL due to our positions in the military.  The military has this fraternization rule that prohibits us being together because I out rank John…Sounds kinda like Romeo and Juliet…lol  So at work we couldn’t talk about it, if we posted stuff on FB or anywhere it was as always left out.  It took some planning and 3 years before everything starting working in our favor and started panning out.

Feb 10, 2014

Marathon Monday

Happy Monday!!!
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. We had a lazy Sunday and it was amazing..like stayed in our PJs all day...yes I even ran to Walmart...and went in my jammies...trust me I wasn't the only one like that. LOL..
Anyway...my yearly marathon is right around the corner...17 days actually. 
Over lunch today a few of us were talking about running gear and what not and figured I'd share with you some of my favorite running gear.

1.  Running belt...I don't have a specific brand that I just love. The one that I have I picked up at a race expo. I do love how convenient they are. You can put your GU/energy packs in them, cell phone, chapstick, ect. You can even use them to hold your bib.

2. Moving Comfort Juno bra...I can't say enough great things about this bra. I LOVE it...my plan is to slowing replace my old sports bras with all moving comfort junos. I say slowly because they are alittle pricey.  You can find them on a ton of different sites, amazon, REI, lady foot locker

3. Ruffles with Love T...Love their girly look and cute sayings.  Not a great dri-fit shirt or anything but they're cute.

4 Body Glide...This is a must. I use it under my arms and thighs.  hey it happens. I use it instead of being in pain.

5. Compresson Running Pants...I have some under armour compression pants and love them for when the weather is chilly.  It works great for preventing thigh chaffing too.

6. Bondi Band...No slip, no drip head band...love them. they look like a 1980's flash back headband but they totally do the trick and when its cold I can unfold it and cover my ears.

7. Burt's Bees wax Chapstick...I gotta have some good chapstick when running.  My lips hurt real bad when I run.

8. Running Skirts...When the weather is right...I love running skirts.  I never would of thought I'd say that but they are just do darn cute.

9. Music...Normally for most larger races I use my phone so when we have to meet up later I have a way to get a hold of people.  But for smaller races I use my nano.

10. YurBuds... Picked these up at an expo and have used them ever since. LOVE them. they fit well and you can still hear road noise (ie...cars coming ect...)

11. Compression Socks....Since starting to run distance races, I have started to use Pro Compression Socks.  they are normally alittle pricey but they offer discount codes all the time and they have cute designs too.

12. Nike Plus GPS Watch...I'm not a die hard runner so I don't have an expensive GPS watch. I do have the Nike Plus GPS Watch and have liked it thus far. No major issues and it fits fairly well too.

13. Mizuno Wave Creation 13...Since switching from Nike to Mizuno...I LOVE MY MIZUNO!!! I have had ZERO issues. Minimal blisters and maybe 1-2 lost toe nails. When I was wearing my Nike's oh it was bad...so so bad.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my Marathon Monday Post.
Happy Running.


Feb 6, 2014

Winter Weather Recipe

Good Morning to my 3 loyal readers. ;)
I think it’s time I start working on upping my readers.
Anyway, the weather in Central IL...is COLD, SNOWY & CRAP. I'm totally over it and ready for the Spring weather. Poor Mini couldn't make it through the snow drifts and got stuck in the yard yesterday when I made my 1st attempt to leave. Why I just didn't start in the 4 wheel drive truck is beyond me.

Since the weather was so cold and yucky, I decide that some nice Creamy Tomato Basil Tortellini Soup would warm us up.
The recipe was pretty simple to make and delicious. It would of went great with some grilled cheese or some nice warm bread. 
I made the serving size for 8…idk why other than I was too lazy to cut everything in ½. So I made a huge batch and froze the rest of it for another day.

olive oil
2 garlic cloves (chopped)
1 small onion (chopped)
2 (15 ounce) cans diced fire-roasted tomatoes  (I only used 1 can because I only had 1 and I wasn’t leaving the house to get another)
2 (10 3/4 ounce) cans campbell's tomato soup
2 (10 ounce) cans milk (use soup can)
10 fresh basil leaves, chopped or 1 tablespoon dried basil
1 (14 1/2 ounce) can chicken broth
3 tablespoons Italian-style tomato paste
1/2 cup light cream or 1/2 cup half-and-half
1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
1 (9 ounce) package cheese tortellini


1. Coat soup pan with olive oil. Add onion and garlic and sauté till soft.

2. Add canned diced tomatoes, basil, tomato soup and two cans milk. Stir till blended.

3. Add chicken broth and stir in tomato paste till blended.

4. Simmer for 20 minutes

5. Add light cream and parmesan cheese.

6. Add tortellini and cook till tender (at least 15 minutes).
7.  Enjoy!!!

See easy peasy!!!
Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Feb 2, 2014

26.2 Reasons Why I Run a Marathon

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. 
My weekend was full of military training all weekend.
I was talking to one of the ladies that will be running the Little Rock Marathon with me today.  This will be her 1st marathon so we were dicussing what to expect, ect.  I am not a marathon professional but I've completed Little Rock twice now so I have a pretty good feel for the course.
We have a MONTH to get ready for Little Rock...I'm seriously insane.  As we were talking there were a few people walking by and their comment were:
 "Why would you do that to yourself?"
"You know that's gonna hurt, right?"
"I don't even like driving 26 miles."
So I started to think...why the hell do I do this to myself. So here are my 26.2 Reasons Why I Run a Marathon.
1. For the purpose of Little Rock...it is TOTALLY for the medal. It's HUGE

2. You get to Carb Load and no one will judge you when you tell them why :)

3. Beer taste even better than ever after you have ran 26.2 miles
4. 26.2 miles allows for a lot of me-time reflection. I have came up with some of the best solutions, solved the world’s problems and finished 26.2 miles all at the same time.
5. You will meet some amazing people along the way. Almost everyone has their reasons to complete a marathon. As you talk to people along the way you will meet some amazing people.
6. After parties are pretty nice. even though you can barely walk but it’s a good time
7. You will feel like a EFF-ING Rock Star. Sore, yes...but you will feel the best that you have ever felt in your life.
8. From this point on....you will compare life events to what it was like to train and finish a marathon, you will say "I got this, i've finished a marathon" to almost anything
9. You'll be amazed on the new things that you will try. After my 1st race...I said I would never do that shit again...well here I am...working on marathon #4
10. Who knows...you could be someone else’s motivation to run a 5K, 1/2 or marathon.
11. There is a certain amount of self confidence with comes after finishing a marathon.
12. I get to put those bad ass 13.1 & 26.2 stickers/magnets on my car :)
too much?
13. You will know what it’s like to not give up. There has been plenty of times that I told myself...i can cut off at the 1/2 and no one would know...but i didn't i kept going.
14. You will mostly likely lose some weight or tone up during the training process.
15. You will most likely complete another marathon and you will want to do better the next time. You'll want that PR (personal record) time.
16. The crowds along the way are amazing. Kids holding signs, strangers yelling your name for 26.2 miles, college students holding out beer and playing music to keep yea motivated. complete strangers doing what they can to help.
17. You get to travel to a new place…or a place you’ve been to before. But I bet you’ll see something new
18. Running on a treadmill can be painfully boring…what a better way to save up some dough and ditch the gym membership and it the open roads
19.  Give back to charity.  Many races are geared towards some sort of charity event. 
20.  No matter what your time is…you will still be amazed when the elite runners go blowing past you at record speeds.
21.  Gives you another reason to update your ipod.  Gotta have a good play list. Unless you’re a run in silence type person
22. You will be part of a unique group of people.  Not everyone runs 26.2 miles…why that shit is hard
23.  Gives you a reason to get some new gear.  Shoes, running clothes, GPS, Ipod you name it
24. Swag bag. Most races give out some free goodies in their swag bags. Some are pretty nice. Have you seen the Nike Women’s Swag from DC...it's on my list now.  Hello Tiffany'
25.  I don't know why it is...but you will fall in love with whatever song is playing when you get to the finish line.  True story...I finished 2 halfs and Mylie Cyrus "Party in the USA" was playing...and I now that song is my Lady jam.
26.  New town= new eateries.
26.2 You'll start plotting the map for more races to run.
I will leave you with my favorie youtube video.  This SERIOUSLY brings tears to my eyes. It cracks me up.  Enjoy!!!