Jan 5, 2015

Goals for 2015

Hope you all had a Happy Holiday & a Safe New Year.

It’s that time of year for everyone to decide on what their New Year’s Resolutions are going to be for the next year.  I like to call them “Goals” vs. “Resolutions”.  I feel that if I call them “Goals’’ and I don’t succeed 100% it won’t be the end of the world.

Like most, I wanna lose weight, eat healthier, save more..blah blah blah. So why am I putting my goals on my little ol’ blog…well in hopes that it will help keep me more accountable.  (let’s hope) 

Goal 1: Organization
I would love the be more organized.  Our house feels like its busting at the seams…we have too much stuff.  So one of my goals this year is to be more organized.  My “Goal” is to accomplish these weekly organizational taskers every Monday…but as long as it gets done before the end of the week I’d be ok with that.

I found this awesome little chart/website that keeps me on track and it will even send me weekly emails.   

Our kitchen counters are our catch all places.  We come inside and drop stuff down right there…and then eventually get around to it.  It’s a terrible habit.

I am also purging my baby items as Grant grows out of them.  As much as I’d love to have a little girl….I think we’re done with 2.  We have 3 totally (13, 2.5, 4 months). Luckily a lot of my friends are having boys right now, so as Grant grows out of stuff…which seems like it’s every week. I fill up a bag and send it to someone.  It makes me sad to see if go because that just means I don’t have a little baby anymore but it’s so nice to see it leave too…more room and less clutter!!!!

Goal 2: Health & Fitness
Ok this is where I need to get my shit together…like for REAL.  I have about 30 more lbs. that I need to lose to be close to where I would like to be weight wise.  And yes trust me I have the 30 lbs to lose.  I’m not one of those people that weight 100 lbs and talk about how weight I have to lose. 

I have a terrible sweet tooth…it gets my every time. This morning, I purged the Christmas candy dish…that of course sits on the kitchen counter…see you thought I was kidding  So instead of having it sit on the counter, I threw it in a Walmart bag and I took it into work and filled up the work candy dish. We also switched over the Coke Zero…I don’t drink soda that much at home..but we have it to mix with our adult beverages. 

I am hoping to run & workout more.  I am terribly out of shape…like its bad. I have the next 2 months to get my act together so that I can pass my Army Physical Fitness test and pass my weight in.
Drink more water….I’m terrible at not drinking enough water.  My brother’s GF got me this super cute mason jar drinking glass for Christmas, so I’m hoping the cute glass will assist in my water intake.

We are also working towards more Clean Eating. So I’ve been scouring Pinterest for new recipe ideas…I’m a creature of habit so I could totally eat spaghetti every weds and be ok with it.   I have to have a recipe when it comes to clean eating because I’m not creative enough to come up with it myself. It is was up to me it would be way too bland.  

Goal 3: MONEY $$$
I am going to be honest here…we aren’t terrible with money…but we should REALLY save more.  So I’ve printed out a 52 week money saving challenge page so that I can put it on my change jar and hope to stick with it for the next 52 weeks and save a little extra cash.  There are a ton of them on Pinterest.  

To go along with my health/fitness goal….I am going to eat our less.  I bought a 6 pack bag not long ago and I’ve pretty much not used it since Thanksgiving. So in order to save some $$$, I’m going to start bring my lunch. and when the weather is cold and crappy, I never want to leave and go out in it.

I would also like to try some of Dave Ramsey’s money saving tricks & tips. For the people I know who’s done it…it has worked well for them.
I need to spend less money on misc stuff. Or if I’m going to buy misc stuff ;) purchase from a small business vs. a chain store. 

Goal 4: Be a Better Wife & Friend
We’ve had a lot go on this past year.  The hubby deployed, I ran the house while he was gone. I got to play mommy and daddy to a 2yr old all while pregnant. Hubby returned in August and within the week, we had a new baby.  We’ve been going none stop for the last 4 months and I’m spent. Like physically/mentally spent and I know that I’ve not been the best wife that I am capable of.

With us going none stop all the time, 2-3 kids at any given time…I probably haven’t been the best friend either.  I know I don’t call as much or hardly ever…but sometime a text is the easiest and you don’t have to listen to my small children say “I want more mile”, “Can I watch Mickey” while we’re trying to have a conversation.

Goal 5: Finish my DIY/Craft Projects
If you check out my Pinterest board (DIY Crafts) I have a laundry list of items that I need to start/finish or de-clutter and get stuff out of the house/garage to make more room . Maybe that will be my goal…finish at least 1 pinterest project a month.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution/Goals for 2015?