Jan 5, 2015

Goals for 2015

Hope you all had a Happy Holiday & a Safe New Year.

It’s that time of year for everyone to decide on what their New Year’s Resolutions are going to be for the next year.  I like to call them “Goals” vs. “Resolutions”.  I feel that if I call them “Goals’’ and I don’t succeed 100% it won’t be the end of the world.

Like most, I wanna lose weight, eat healthier, save more..blah blah blah. So why am I putting my goals on my little ol’ blog…well in hopes that it will help keep me more accountable.  (let’s hope) 

Goal 1: Organization
I would love the be more organized.  Our house feels like its busting at the seams…we have too much stuff.  So one of my goals this year is to be more organized.  My “Goal” is to accomplish these weekly organizational taskers every Monday…but as long as it gets done before the end of the week I’d be ok with that.

I found this awesome little chart/website that keeps me on track and it will even send me weekly emails.   

Our kitchen counters are our catch all places.  We come inside and drop stuff down right there…and then eventually get around to it.  It’s a terrible habit.

I am also purging my baby items as Grant grows out of them.  As much as I’d love to have a little girl….I think we’re done with 2.  We have 3 totally (13, 2.5, 4 months). Luckily a lot of my friends are having boys right now, so as Grant grows out of stuff…which seems like it’s every week. I fill up a bag and send it to someone.  It makes me sad to see if go because that just means I don’t have a little baby anymore but it’s so nice to see it leave too…more room and less clutter!!!!

Goal 2: Health & Fitness
Ok this is where I need to get my shit together…like for REAL.  I have about 30 more lbs. that I need to lose to be close to where I would like to be weight wise.  And yes trust me I have the 30 lbs to lose.  I’m not one of those people that weight 100 lbs and talk about how weight I have to lose. 

I have a terrible sweet tooth…it gets my every time. This morning, I purged the Christmas candy dish…that of course sits on the kitchen counter…see you thought I was kidding  So instead of having it sit on the counter, I threw it in a Walmart bag and I took it into work and filled up the work candy dish. We also switched over the Coke Zero…I don’t drink soda that much at home..but we have it to mix with our adult beverages. 

I am hoping to run & workout more.  I am terribly out of shape…like its bad. I have the next 2 months to get my act together so that I can pass my Army Physical Fitness test and pass my weight in.
Drink more water….I’m terrible at not drinking enough water.  My brother’s GF got me this super cute mason jar drinking glass for Christmas, so I’m hoping the cute glass will assist in my water intake.

We are also working towards more Clean Eating. So I’ve been scouring Pinterest for new recipe ideas…I’m a creature of habit so I could totally eat spaghetti every weds and be ok with it.   I have to have a recipe when it comes to clean eating because I’m not creative enough to come up with it myself. It is was up to me it would be way too bland.  

Goal 3: MONEY $$$
I am going to be honest here…we aren’t terrible with money…but we should REALLY save more.  So I’ve printed out a 52 week money saving challenge page so that I can put it on my change jar and hope to stick with it for the next 52 weeks and save a little extra cash.  There are a ton of them on Pinterest.  

To go along with my health/fitness goal….I am going to eat our less.  I bought a 6 pack bag not long ago and I’ve pretty much not used it since Thanksgiving. So in order to save some $$$, I’m going to start bring my lunch. and when the weather is cold and crappy, I never want to leave and go out in it.

I would also like to try some of Dave Ramsey’s money saving tricks & tips. For the people I know who’s done it…it has worked well for them.
I need to spend less money on misc stuff. Or if I’m going to buy misc stuff ;) purchase from a small business vs. a chain store. 

Goal 4: Be a Better Wife & Friend
We’ve had a lot go on this past year.  The hubby deployed, I ran the house while he was gone. I got to play mommy and daddy to a 2yr old all while pregnant. Hubby returned in August and within the week, we had a new baby.  We’ve been going none stop for the last 4 months and I’m spent. Like physically/mentally spent and I know that I’ve not been the best wife that I am capable of.

With us going none stop all the time, 2-3 kids at any given time…I probably haven’t been the best friend either.  I know I don’t call as much or hardly ever…but sometime a text is the easiest and you don’t have to listen to my small children say “I want more mile”, “Can I watch Mickey” while we’re trying to have a conversation.

Goal 5: Finish my DIY/Craft Projects
If you check out my Pinterest board (DIY Crafts) I have a laundry list of items that I need to start/finish or de-clutter and get stuff out of the house/garage to make more room . Maybe that will be my goal…finish at least 1 pinterest project a month.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution/Goals for 2015?

Dec 9, 2014

I'm back

I'm back!!! 
A lot has happened since my last post {hospital stays, hubby came home, and we had a baby}

I'll keep the recaps short. 

Hospital stays......UGH
I started to develop preeclampsia again durning this pregnancy which caused for high blood pressure and an abnormal amount of pregnancy swelling. I also had the joy of getting gestational diabetes too, which included pricking myself 8x thought the day (blood sugar check and insulin). The good news is it has all went away since having the baby. In the last few weeks of my pregnancy I ended up in the hospital 4x, it was annoying to say the lease. 

I was lucky enough to be able to FaceTime with John durning every dr/hospital visit. I doubt he realized it but even though he was 6000 miles away he helped keep my sanity. Due to some of the issues I was having with this pregnancy, John was able to put in a packet (to return home early) thankfully it was approved and with in a few days he was on his way home. We decided not to tell anyone because you never know how the Army operates and we didn't want to get anyone's hopes up of john coming home. 

The day John came home was of course the day I got sent to the hospital for an overnight visit! I was so upset because that was not part of my plan. I was going to get graham and we were going to surprise him at the airport. Now I was going to be stuck in a hospital bed for 24hrs. Luckily my awesome friend Jackie stuck around hung out at the hospital with me then when his delayed flight actually came in she ran over to get him.  So sadly there was no grand airport greating...just me layed up in a hospital bed. But the hubby was the talk on the OB floor that night.

Hubby Came Home

This was probably the hardest secret that I had to keep...I knew roughly a week or so prior that John would be coming home early from his deployment but we chose not to tell anyone.  We weren't looking for a grand homecoming we both knew how the Army operates and until his plane landed at home...neither one of us would believe it.

John's first night back home was spent in the hospital with me while I was being monitored.  He came in my hospital room in uniform and bags in tow.  For whatever reason, I was so nervous to see him. This was the first time, durning this pregnancy that he would see me in person (9months pregnant...Sexy let me tell yea).  It worked out in our favor because my dr was the on call dr that day and they got us out of there pretty quickly and we were on our way home.

My mother & father-in law and the boys were all at the house and no one had a clue that John was with me.  John was driving as we pulled into the drive way...luckily my windows are tented so no one noticed who was driving the van.  I got out of the passenger side of the van as my MIL came outside and I think it took her a minute to realize what was going on.

We also waited until my stepson was away from all vehicles because I was pretty sure he was going to jump off of the lawnmower.

I was most concerned for Graham and Daddy's reunion...I wasn't sure how he would react to seeing daddy in person. I didn't want him to be scared or not want to go to him...when we got home Graham was sleeping and we decided to take a chance and wake him up.  Luckily, Graham picked up right where they left off.

We had a baby

A few days after John got home, I had my bi-weekly Dr visit.  The nurses loved that he was able to make it to every dr apt (via Facetime)  My one nurse was so excited she game him a huge hug lol.  On our final visit my vitals were of course enough to send us back to the hospital.  Here we were, 4 days before our delivery date and I'm back in the hospital. At this point we were ready for baby, but the dr decided to hold off until our delivery date the following week.

August 26, 2014....we meet with our birth photographer at the hospital a little before 1000, checked in, and started getting ready for baby.  I went in to surgery at 1200 and at 1234 we had a healthy baby boy (i'll do a birth store post later)

Jul 6, 2014

Sunday Social Link Up

Annnnnd....I'm back.

I've been swamped with work, life and to be honest have been a little unmotivated to write. 
After reading some blogs from my bloglovin reel (and its almost 0930 and the crib midget is still sleeping) I decided that maybe I should post something while I have time.

I stumbled across Neely's blog, A Complete Waste of Makeup a few months back and she host the Sunday Social with Ashley, from Ashley Lately.  So I decide to play along this week.

This Weeks Questions:
1. Favorite Genre of Music? Do I have to pick just one...I like all types of music it just really depends on my mood. Somedays Country, Rock, Alternative, R&B, Jazz, Classical...you get the idea.
2. Favorite Genre of movies? This is another mood dependent one for me.  Since the hubby's been deployed I have watched many movies that didn't involve Mickey Mouse...but i would have to say chick flicks and true events (military)
3. Do you watch Reality TV? Duh...Guilty pleasure.  I might watch: The bachelorette/bachelor, Bill and Giuliana and what ever else catches my eye when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse isn't one.

4. Actress you’d want to be BFF’s with? Emma Stone. She seems like she would be a blast to hangout with.

5. Actor you’d be happy to be stuck on an island with? The Ryans...Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling

If I remember...

Next Weeks Questions:
1. Tell us about the family you grew up in, parents, siblings, grandparents.
2. Tell us about your husband, fiancé, boyfriend, significant other.
3. Tell us about your children. If you don’t have children, talk about your fur children.
4. Tell us about your best friends. How long have you known them? How did you meet?
5. Tell us about any other special people in your life.
Hope everyone had a Happy and Safe 4th of July.

Jun 20, 2014

Bachelorette Episode 5 Recap

They're in France!!!!

ABC has finally packed up and went global.

This week Andi and the boys boarded a plane and heading to France….you know the “perfect” place to fall in love…don’t we hear that every season? I’m pretty sure anyplace ABC sends you will be a Perfect places to fall in love.

Oh Chris Harrison….your sometimes the highlight to the show…your famous “ladies/gentlemen…the final rose” We all you know your in France…but what was with everyone wearing a turtle neck this week? I lived in Europe for a few years and traveled to parts of France….and turtle necks are not that popular.
Bonjour!!! Andi

Josh gets the first 1:1
They walk the streets of lovely Marseilles, France. Oh how I would love to go back….I went when I was 18 and didn’t have a clue. Anyway…Andi looks as cute as always. I seriously think she could wear a paper bag and look hot.

There date ends up on a private yacht/boat cruising the open sea.

I do have to say…I’m pretty sure these two would make some pretty babies.

So far my biggest gripe about Josh…He doesn’t want to be stereotyped as a “professional baseball player” but shitson you only keep referring to yourself as one like a million times…stop talking about it if you don’t want people to stereotype or refer to you as a PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE.
Ok soapbox over.

Back at the bachelor pad…
JJ aka Pantspreuner tells Marquel that during a point of the first rose ceremony Andres said something to JJ along the lines of “Wow, she chose the two blackies

Tension and drama!!
Of course ABC turns the camera to Marquel, who digs deep and gets pretty raw almost to the point of being a little emotional. Not over the top…it was just enough. In a nutshell says…he wishes he could be judged for himself and not by his color.
Ok back to Josh and Andi’s date.
As Andi and Josh pull up to dinner…in no other than a palace!!!She of course changed from the boating trip from earlier into asmoking hot black dress (boob-alishish) This girl can pull it off. I just wanna know how this process works…where do they change and get ready in-between dates?
Not to bore you with details…but the dinner consisted of talking about how Josh is a PROFESSIONAL Athlete (big surprise there), followed by a private concert and danced the night away(another big surprise)
Group Date
I don’t have a lot to say about this one….no pun intended…just wasn’t a fan of the mime date. Kinda Lame.
I get the punch line to it “communication” got it…apparently this has been an issue in the past.

I’m pretty sure they creeped out ½ of Marseille by dancing in the streets with tons of video cameras.
To be honest…I’m getting a little bored with some of these dates..Is it time to hang it up…is ABC running out of ideas?
A quick recap of the rest of the group date…
Nick decides to bust out some “poetry” if you want to call it that.
Marquel decides it’s a good time to call out Andrew on his “blackie” comment. Which of course Andrew denies…Which I do have to say Marquel is handling himself quite well.
Coach gets the next 1:1
The date started with a private screening of The Hundred FootJourney. Which looked super boring. I wonder how much they paid ABC to be part of the date?
I like Coach…he seems like a really nice guy…it makes me wonder why he’s on the show.
Their date consisted of shopping for food on the streets of France, which they looked super cute doing it.

They head back to Andi’s place to cook, and the “recipe for love” turns into more like a recipe for disaster. Andi somehowmanages to burn a pan of water…oh man…her momma must be proud.

Poor Coach…it didn’t seem like Andi was impressed by the date. They put the co bash on the date and decided to head out for dinner. Luckly..Coach still got the rose.
How went home?
Marquel, Patrick and Andrew.
Marquel, in his true gentlemen fashion, gave a nice departure speech and went on his way…I don’t foresee him having any issues with the ladies after the show.
I do have to make one comment….why is cody still there…he’s kind a meathead. I would love to know Andi’s logic here.
I’m not a hair dresser nor have ever claimed to be…I have to wear my hair in a bun almost everyday…so to be honest..idk if I really know how to do my hair, lol…but was not a fan of Andi’shair at the Rose ceremony.
This is what comes to mind….

And lastly…..

    Jun 8, 2014

    Bachelorette Week 3 Recap

    Bachelorette Recap
    Sorry for the delay. I was traveling for work last Sunday and missed the 1 part of the Bachelorette so I had to wait a few days until I could finally watch it.  I did catch Monday nights show but how does one do a recap out of sequence?
    This week’s 1st solo date goes to Nick V. who really hasn’t seemed to have spent much time with Andi since getting the 1st impression rose.  Nick made a comment which I’m sure we’re all thinking… “I don’t know her, she doesn’t know me. Let’s be honest, what are the chances this works out?” Yes, everything he says is true. Nick has obviously read the Bachelorette rulebook and knows to play hard to get. Which is totally working because with what seemed like just a few minutes Andi decides to “make him a believer”  After a nice little biking/hiking/picnic the night ends with a romantic dinner and a balcony kiss.

    The Group Date
    Talk about a back in the day date…nothing like a little B2M (Boyz to Men) for a group date.  Dressed in adorable blazers are Andrew, Marquel, Pat, Bradley, Marcus, and Eric. Cody, Brian, Tasos, Josh, Ron, and Brett get sweet v-necks and bow-ties. Yes, it’s blazers versus sweaters in a epic battle of who can make sweet, sweet musical love to Andi better.
    Oh Bradley…bless your heart. We know….you sing opera how did you manage to ruin “I’ll Make Love to You”?  I just have to say…I really hope your opera performances are better than your B2M ballads.

    2nd 1 on 1 Date
    Pantsapreneur JJ wins the next 1:1 date.  This was probably one of the strangest dates I’ve seen in….oh probably ever.  JJ seriously reminds me of Johnny Knoxville from Bad Grandpa. I just want to know…How long where they sitting in the makeup chairs to look like 60+ yr old man and woman?  So apparently, JJ’s went to Williams College and Stanford Business School, so he’s kind of a smartie despite the stupid job title. JJ is “the most fun person” Andi has ever dated and this gets him the rose and a few tongue-free pecks.
    Final Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony
    During the Cocktail Party, Nick shows up with flowers and a letter and decides to give to to Andi while she was with Eric. Poor Eric was “cock-blocked by a bouquet”
    Now here is the guy drama….JJ, the brains, confides to Josh, the muscle, that Andrew got a hostess’s phone number the other day and then bragged about it. This obviously strikes a cord with the guys as they confront Andrew and he gets defensive, claiming the girl forced her digits on him. Verdict: guilty
    Day 2 Recap
    Group Date
    I loved this week’s group date. Brian, JJ, Chris, Andrew, Eric, Nick, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Patrick and Josh are picked to play 5 vs. 5 against WNBA superstars. Andi has to make a last-minute adjustment on the date when she realizes that the guys are just as bad at singing as they are at basketball. They are getting their butts handed to them against the women, so Andi proposes a competition between the guys, in which the winning team would win more time with Andi that night, while the losing team would head back to the hotel. Awe…Yes there’s the ABC Drama.

    “Brian can play," Andi says about our Trinity coach. "He is in his element right now. He looks hot."
    Of course Brian wins his team some extra time with Andi that night and sends the other team packing back to their rooms.
    I was so pumped for Brian during his 1:1 date Brian teaches her how to shoot layups and then swishes a half-court shot through the hoop for her, hoping to impress her enough to win a kiss. But Brian freezes up when the opportunity presents itself and doesn't kiss her.
    1:1 with Dylan
    Talk about a heavy date Andi takes Dylan on what becomes a very tear-filled one-on-one date on a steam train out in his neck of the woods: Connecticut. The view outside brings up memories of Dylan's past. After a little prodding, he finally reveals a tragic story about losing both of his siblings, which brings tears to both of their eyes. Andi did want Dylan to open up, but that's some pretty heavy stuff for a first date.

    Private Date with Marcus
    Andi, the crazy daredevil that she is, decides to conquer her biggest fear on her date with Marcus by repelling off a 30-foot building with him. Turns out, this date is meant to put Marcus to the test to see if he could be protective and help encourage her to face her fears. And aside from calling her "hon" one too many times, he passes with flying colors. For that, he is awarded a rose.

    Farewell to Eric
    Eric….buddy not a good move. Eric and Andi both agree that their relationship is stalling, and Eric tries to save it by opening up about his family life. But he still feels like that isn't enough. Instead he accuses Andi of being the one who isn't opening up and being herself. He calls her an actress who is acting in front of the cameras. Come on, Eric. You never blame the woman. Andi takes great offense to this accusation and sends Eric home on the spot.
    Instead of a Rose Ceremony, host Chris Harrison and Andi spend five minutes paying a tribute to Eric, who has since passed away in a paragliding accident.
    Though it wasn't shown, Tasos was also sent home during this episode.

    May 30, 2014

    Week 2: Strip Clubs and Alcohol

    Happy Friday!!!

    Sorry for the delay in the weekly smut recap, I've been terribly busy at work and drained by the time I get home.

     I ended my Memorial Day weekend by watching “The Bachelorette”.  Yup, that’s right, I went from grilling and remembering and honoring the fallen, to semi nudity and straight up alcoholism.

    This week there were actual dates and we were able to see some of the guys in other settings other than the awkward introductions.
    Andi’s  first  1:1 date was with Eric….Ugh…this still makes me sad…I really like Eric.  Ok, back to the date…it started out on the beach which was short lived when the helicopter landed and whisked them away to the snow topped Bear Mountain.  Nothing like being in a bikini and then landing on a mountain top of snow to go snowboarding….BRRRRR.

    Anyway, the date looked fun but idk why the snowboard instructor, Louie Vito, was there….to be honest Eric looked like he was doing a pretty good job assisting after Vito left.  As Andi said, I don’t think there isn’t anything that guy is bad at…oh and that he’s HOTTTT

    The first group date was with 14 of the guys which ended in the guys stripping for charity. Hey, the adult industry is a pretty lucrative business.  Anything for charity right?

    Dog Lover Kelly and Opera Singer Sharleen, made a guest appearance  to help Andi judge.  The guys were split into groups dressing from firefighters, cowboys and military men. 

    Poor Nick S.  and Marcus were both given a solo dance.  Nick S. dressed in a robot costume with a pair of shiny, silver undies and bent down.  If a guy dressed up in a robot outfit doesn’t get you going idk what will (joke)

    After the stripping portion of the date, the group date continued with drink at the mansion. The evening seemed to be going pretty average until…..someone had too much to drink….I’ll give you 1 guess…Craig!!! Winner Winner.  He was a HOT Mess.  Loud, obnoxious, jumping into the pool and continuously drinking more and more.  
    Did ABC sneak on a frat boy?

    The 2nd 1:1 was with Chris the farmer. He and Andi went to the horse track, sipped on mint juleps and looked quite dapper in his laid out outfit.  I think the cutest part of their date was sitting next to the adorable, old married couple who conveniently sparked up a conversation asking how long they had been together.  ABC pulls out all the stops.

    The rose ceremony was pretty uneventful, except for Craig sad attempt to redeem himself of the drunken spectacle from before. He’s seriously like a drunken frat boy who no one told college is over…wonder why that guys still single…HUMMM????
    In the end, Andi sent home Craig and Nick S…not surprising. Both seemed to be morons who jumped in the pool and were mildly inappropriate.

    Next week is going to be eventful!!! It’s a two-night event, starting on Suday night. Too much drama for one evening so ABC made it into 2…again…way to go ABC pull me into 2 nights of smut tv. Based on the preview, there’s crying and fighting…I’m slightly pumped. J

    My Weekly Top 5..
    1.    Eric
    2.    Josh M.
    3.    Chris
    4.    Marcus
    5.    Nick V

    May 22, 2014

    My Guilty Pleasure

    So this might be the only good thing about my husband being gone….I am able to give in to my guilty pleasure uninterrupted!!!

    Yes…I watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette.  I have not watched every season, I did take a break for a while but my Monday nights are consumed with dinner, smut TV and girl talk.
    If you don’t watch this dramatic display of 25-ish men and women all “dating/competing” over the same person…let me give you a little rundown.

     This season’s Bachelorette is Andi Dorfman.  She was one of the finalist from the Juan Pablo Season of the Bachelor.

    I think she is going to be a very interesting Bachelorette.  She’s an assistant prosecutor from Atlanta…I’m thinking she can hold her own and won’t put up with people’s crap.

    The 25 and 1 Suitors
    As the seasons continue, it seems to be more drama each time. Like I said earlier…I have a feeling this season is no different and won’t disappoint.

    This season’s into started out with good ol’ Chris Harrison (the host) dedicating the season to one of the gentlemen, Eric Hill, who died in a paragliding accident back in April. It was not show related, the accident occurred after Eric had left the show. The sad part is…he would have been one of my top picks :)

    Now on to the awkwardness….
     I mean really…what’s more awkward that going on a TV show, stepping out of a limo, trying have 1 person remember who you are with 25 other guys all while trying to come up with some catchy pick up line.

    Without boring you all my 2cents about all the guys…I’ll just give you the WTH’s, Really and my top picks.

    Brett….the guy walked out of the limo carrying a floor lamp he stole from the hotel room. Oh and his hair…WTH is going on with that?

    J.J….his job…”pantsapreneur”? WTH is that?

    Cody…I have 1 word for him…Meathead…his intro…pushing the “broken down” limo his hair doesn’t help either. I foresee a lot of aggression with him.

    Chris Bukowski…He is who I referred to as “and 1” an alum from Emily’s Season and one of the Bachelor Pad sneaks in and gets caught by security and wants..Must see Andi…CREEPY!!! Glad she didn’t humor his intrusion.

    Bradley…He’s an opera singer and seems really annoying. Remember the last opera singer on Juano Pablo’s seasons…enough said.

    Craig…there is always one…he seemed drunk when he stepped out of the limo.

    Josh B..Cry baby…holds a grudge..glad that guy is gone. Thank you for showing your true colors right away.

    My Top Picks…
    Eric…Minus the fact that he is no longer with us….I thought he was totally cute, interesting and sweet. Giving Andi little dolls from the Andes Mountains..Super cute. Oh and he a world traveler….SOLD!!!

    Nick S….The Golfer from Chicago. I’m not sure what it is about him..but I kinda like him…hope he doesn’t turn into a Dbag.

    Chris…Nice country farmer from Iowa…There’s something about him that I like…Will it work with Andi…probably not…he doesn’t have a job that he can pick up and go anywhere so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    We’ll see how far Nick S & Chris hang around.

    For those of you who watch the Bachelorette…Who’s your fave pick so far?