Oct 29, 2013

clean eating...my foods not dirty

"CLEAN EATING" has to be one of the new buzzwords.
The phrase "clean eating" is being used just about everywhere these days.
I eat clean...I wash my food before I eat it...
What that's not what you ment by cleaning eating?
What Clean Eating Isn't
I want to start off by telling you what clean eating isn't. It is not a diet or some other eating fad. It's not counting, adding or subtracting calories, of any sorts.
From what I have read so far...there doesn't seem to be a set definition for clean eating. I have read and followed others and have looked a lot into this and have realized...to just stop. This whole idea of clean eating should not be difficult or to stress one out.
What Clean Eating Is
Now that we have figured out what clean eating isn't, let's talk about what it is. Clean eating is about eating foods in their most natural state. No processed foods, foods high in preservatives, foods with a ton of sugar and high levels of bad fats.
As I mentioned earlier, there isn't a good definition/guideline of clean eating to follow. This is just MY interpretation.
  • fresh fruits & veggies
  • more veggie centered meals than meat-centered meals
  • WATER, WATER, WATER...I must admit...I am terrible at my water intake.
  • Make healthy cooking choices, such as baking..not frying, steaming and a light sautéing...not with butter.
  • Eat healthy fats {nuts, avocados, organic coconut oil}
  • unrefined, whole-grains
Learning to cook (and eat) cleanly is all about learning to simplify things and not overdoing it with your meal prep. When you keep things simple, meals normally turn out to be more healthy. When grocery shopping make a bulk of your grocery purchases from the fresh & natural food section. Fresh produce, whole grains, organic meat/fish.

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