Apr 23, 2014

Easter weekend

Another busy week in the books.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like its going to be slowing down much either 

I swear, I tell myself that I shouldn’t schedule so much stuff…but I can’t help it.

Last week at work was longer than most. I like I ended up working 65 hrs then went and got my little man and wrapped up anything that I had going on at home then back at it.

It definitely helps with making the week go by fast but man..there isn’t time to enjoy it.

Friday after work, I packed up the minivan, got Graham and headed down south.  It was a nice little get away. No work, barely any cell reception, grandma was there to spoil Graham.

Saturday I was able to do a little alone shopping. Which was nice. It’s the little things once you have kids.
So I headed down to Carbondale to grab some lunch and some retail therapy.  I of course had to stop at Quarto’s. One of my college fave pizza places. Andas always they did not disappoint.
And you get to keep your cup too J I swear I had a cupboard full of Quartro’s cups in college.

Sunday, my brother and his girlfriend came up and we all had breakfast and opened Easter baskets…Yes we still do Easter baskets.  After Graham went through all his stuff, we went outside to hunt Easter Eggs!!

My mom gave me a hard time because I placed all the eggs in 1 area…he grabbed a few then wanted to head to the tractor so I then asked if she seen why I placed them the way that I did?

The rest of Sunday consisted of face timing w dad, Family time and eating.
Monday, my grandma and grandpa came over to go fishing and Graham caught his 1st fish.

It’s hard to see his excitement in this picture but he was excited when he went to reel the fish in at first. However,once it was out of the water…he wanted no part of it.

We made a few detours on the way home..Chic Fil A, Sam’s… you know the necessities.
Since the weather was so nice when we got home, I decided to do some yard work. Graham of course wanted to help…in nothing but his boots and….yup nothing else.Gotta love country living.

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