May 16, 2014

Five on Friday

Thank You Lord it's Friday!!!

I swear the last few weeks have been crazy and I look forward to the weekends more and more.
So I decided that since it is Friday, I’d post about some of my favorite things.

1.     Oreck Steam Mop
I ran to Walmart the other day and they had their clearance stuff strategically placed in the front of the store. So you HAD to look at it as you walked in.  We’ve been wanting a steam mop for a while but I didn’t want to spend the $150 on one…yea I’m cheap like that. But to my  surprise there was an Oreck Steam Mop for $20!!!! SCORE…I checked online to see how much they typically sell for ($130-160) so there was no doubt that I bought it. and I LOVE IT!!! I wish we would of bought it sooner.  With a 12 yrs old, a 2 yr old and 3 dogs…I should be moping every morning, noon and night.  I haven’t used all the attachments yet, only to mop the hardwood floor…but it’s AMAZING!!!!!  It has a nice long cord, different steam levels, warms up really fast, its super quite and the floor isn’t left all wet from the water/steam. It’s definitely an item I would of paid full price for known that now.

2.    Red Vines and Country Time Lemonade
I’ve always liked Red Vines over Twizzlers but this pregnancy I could probably eat a one pound bag daily. It’s a sickness….I know L The same goes for Country Time lemonade, actually any lemonade really as long as it’s good.  The water down stuff….not so much.  I can’t wait for county fair time….Lemon shake ups!!! So if you haven’t notices….I like sugar.

3.    My iphone5
I know it sounds super techy and nerdy…but the iphone 5 is one of my FAVE things.  Why? Well for the time being it is my main source of communication with the hubs while he’s deployed.  I chose the 5 because I don’t have to be on a wireless network to facetime. As long as I/we have, good signal we are golden.
This morning the boys were able to talk to daddy before dropping them off with grandma and then we were able to talk while I was on my way into work.

4.     BareMinerals BAREskin
So last week when I was back at my parents…I totally forgot my makeup. I don’t wear makeup very often but from time to time I try to look like a girl and presentable.  Anyway, I ran into ulta to grab a few small things and came across the bareMinerals BAREskin and to my surprise,…I liked it. I wasn’t 100% sure if I would like it or not since it was a liquid foundation but it wasn’t that bad. I’ve used bareminerals for years now and love it. It’s so light and easy on the skin.  I was expecting the BAREskin to be the same but it wasn’t.  It went on very smooth and light and gave a nice full coverage. I would recommend doing a color match in the store just to make sure you get the right shade.  I wasn’t planning on spending $28 for the foundation and brush (which is highly recommended)…yes that’s $28 a piece. And that is probably my biggest complaint is the cost for the brush or that you can’t purchase them together.

5.     Hunter Rain Boots
I LOVE my hunter rain boots! I want my next pair to be PINK!!!!
I held out on buying them forever before I stumbled across a pretty good 24hr sale and decided to take the plunge and buy them.  Over the winter, I debated on buying the sock inserts but really didn’t need them. My toesies stayed pretty warm with just a good pair of socks. It’s been raining almost nonstop here for last few days so I’ve gotten some more wear out of them lately.  For a rainboot, they are cute and comfy. And yes, I am one of those people who use them as a multipurpose “work” outdoor boot too.  Hey I’m gonna get my money’s worth. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!


  1. Oh I've been wanting to try that foundation but goodness, $28 for a brush?! I would rather them just package them together. Then I could just pretend the brush is like $3 and the foundation was the rest of the cost lol

    1. yea....i was not expecting that when i bought it. i totally agree the brush should be cheaper or come with the foundation.

  2. Cant u use any type of brush?? Whats special about it - now that uve had time to try it out?

    1. You probably could. I asked and the girl showed me an application w the bare minerals brush and then another brush and it worked so much better with the bare minerals brush