Jun 20, 2014

Bachelorette Episode 5 Recap

They're in France!!!!

ABC has finally packed up and went global.

This week Andi and the boys boarded a plane and heading to France….you know the “perfect” place to fall in love…don’t we hear that every season? I’m pretty sure anyplace ABC sends you will be a Perfect places to fall in love.

Oh Chris Harrison….your sometimes the highlight to the show…your famous “ladies/gentlemen…the final rose” We all you know your in France…but what was with everyone wearing a turtle neck this week? I lived in Europe for a few years and traveled to parts of France….and turtle necks are not that popular.
Bonjour!!! Andi

Josh gets the first 1:1
They walk the streets of lovely Marseilles, France. Oh how I would love to go back….I went when I was 18 and didn’t have a clue. Anyway…Andi looks as cute as always. I seriously think she could wear a paper bag and look hot.

There date ends up on a private yacht/boat cruising the open sea.

I do have to say…I’m pretty sure these two would make some pretty babies.

So far my biggest gripe about Josh…He doesn’t want to be stereotyped as a “professional baseball player” but shitson you only keep referring to yourself as one like a million times…stop talking about it if you don’t want people to stereotype or refer to you as a PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE.
Ok soapbox over.

Back at the bachelor pad…
JJ aka Pantspreuner tells Marquel that during a point of the first rose ceremony Andres said something to JJ along the lines of “Wow, she chose the two blackies

Tension and drama!!
Of course ABC turns the camera to Marquel, who digs deep and gets pretty raw almost to the point of being a little emotional. Not over the top…it was just enough. In a nutshell says…he wishes he could be judged for himself and not by his color.
Ok back to Josh and Andi’s date.
As Andi and Josh pull up to dinner…in no other than a palace!!!She of course changed from the boating trip from earlier into asmoking hot black dress (boob-alishish) This girl can pull it off. I just wanna know how this process works…where do they change and get ready in-between dates?
Not to bore you with details…but the dinner consisted of talking about how Josh is a PROFESSIONAL Athlete (big surprise there), followed by a private concert and danced the night away(another big surprise)
Group Date
I don’t have a lot to say about this one….no pun intended…just wasn’t a fan of the mime date. Kinda Lame.
I get the punch line to it “communication” got it…apparently this has been an issue in the past.

I’m pretty sure they creeped out ½ of Marseille by dancing in the streets with tons of video cameras.
To be honest…I’m getting a little bored with some of these dates..Is it time to hang it up…is ABC running out of ideas?
A quick recap of the rest of the group date…
Nick decides to bust out some “poetry” if you want to call it that.
Marquel decides it’s a good time to call out Andrew on his “blackie” comment. Which of course Andrew denies…Which I do have to say Marquel is handling himself quite well.
Coach gets the next 1:1
The date started with a private screening of The Hundred FootJourney. Which looked super boring. I wonder how much they paid ABC to be part of the date?
I like Coach…he seems like a really nice guy…it makes me wonder why he’s on the show.
Their date consisted of shopping for food on the streets of France, which they looked super cute doing it.

They head back to Andi’s place to cook, and the “recipe for love” turns into more like a recipe for disaster. Andi somehowmanages to burn a pan of water…oh man…her momma must be proud.

Poor Coach…it didn’t seem like Andi was impressed by the date. They put the co bash on the date and decided to head out for dinner. Luckly..Coach still got the rose.
How went home?
Marquel, Patrick and Andrew.
Marquel, in his true gentlemen fashion, gave a nice departure speech and went on his way…I don’t foresee him having any issues with the ladies after the show.
I do have to make one comment….why is cody still there…he’s kind a meathead. I would love to know Andi’s logic here.
I’m not a hair dresser nor have ever claimed to be…I have to wear my hair in a bun almost everyday…so to be honest..idk if I really know how to do my hair, lol…but was not a fan of Andi’shair at the Rose ceremony.
This is what comes to mind….

And lastly…..

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