Jun 8, 2014

Bachelorette Week 3 Recap

Bachelorette Recap
Sorry for the delay. I was traveling for work last Sunday and missed the 1 part of the Bachelorette so I had to wait a few days until I could finally watch it.  I did catch Monday nights show but how does one do a recap out of sequence?
This week’s 1st solo date goes to Nick V. who really hasn’t seemed to have spent much time with Andi since getting the 1st impression rose.  Nick made a comment which I’m sure we’re all thinking… “I don’t know her, she doesn’t know me. Let’s be honest, what are the chances this works out?” Yes, everything he says is true. Nick has obviously read the Bachelorette rulebook and knows to play hard to get. Which is totally working because with what seemed like just a few minutes Andi decides to “make him a believer”  After a nice little biking/hiking/picnic the night ends with a romantic dinner and a balcony kiss.

The Group Date
Talk about a back in the day date…nothing like a little B2M (Boyz to Men) for a group date.  Dressed in adorable blazers are Andrew, Marquel, Pat, Bradley, Marcus, and Eric. Cody, Brian, Tasos, Josh, Ron, and Brett get sweet v-necks and bow-ties. Yes, it’s blazers versus sweaters in a epic battle of who can make sweet, sweet musical love to Andi better.
Oh Bradley…bless your heart. We know….you sing opera how did you manage to ruin “I’ll Make Love to You”?  I just have to say…I really hope your opera performances are better than your B2M ballads.

2nd 1 on 1 Date
Pantsapreneur JJ wins the next 1:1 date.  This was probably one of the strangest dates I’ve seen in….oh probably ever.  JJ seriously reminds me of Johnny Knoxville from Bad Grandpa. I just want to know…How long where they sitting in the makeup chairs to look like 60+ yr old man and woman?  So apparently, JJ’s went to Williams College and Stanford Business School, so he’s kind of a smartie despite the stupid job title. JJ is “the most fun person” Andi has ever dated and this gets him the rose and a few tongue-free pecks.
Final Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony
During the Cocktail Party, Nick shows up with flowers and a letter and decides to give to to Andi while she was with Eric. Poor Eric was “cock-blocked by a bouquet”
Now here is the guy drama….JJ, the brains, confides to Josh, the muscle, that Andrew got a hostess’s phone number the other day and then bragged about it. This obviously strikes a cord with the guys as they confront Andrew and he gets defensive, claiming the girl forced her digits on him. Verdict: guilty
Day 2 Recap
Group Date
I loved this week’s group date. Brian, JJ, Chris, Andrew, Eric, Nick, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Patrick and Josh are picked to play 5 vs. 5 against WNBA superstars. Andi has to make a last-minute adjustment on the date when she realizes that the guys are just as bad at singing as they are at basketball. They are getting their butts handed to them against the women, so Andi proposes a competition between the guys, in which the winning team would win more time with Andi that night, while the losing team would head back to the hotel. Awe…Yes there’s the ABC Drama.

“Brian can play," Andi says about our Trinity coach. "He is in his element right now. He looks hot."
Of course Brian wins his team some extra time with Andi that night and sends the other team packing back to their rooms.
I was so pumped for Brian during his 1:1 date Brian teaches her how to shoot layups and then swishes a half-court shot through the hoop for her, hoping to impress her enough to win a kiss. But Brian freezes up when the opportunity presents itself and doesn't kiss her.
1:1 with Dylan
Talk about a heavy date Andi takes Dylan on what becomes a very tear-filled one-on-one date on a steam train out in his neck of the woods: Connecticut. The view outside brings up memories of Dylan's past. After a little prodding, he finally reveals a tragic story about losing both of his siblings, which brings tears to both of their eyes. Andi did want Dylan to open up, but that's some pretty heavy stuff for a first date.

Private Date with Marcus
Andi, the crazy daredevil that she is, decides to conquer her biggest fear on her date with Marcus by repelling off a 30-foot building with him. Turns out, this date is meant to put Marcus to the test to see if he could be protective and help encourage her to face her fears. And aside from calling her "hon" one too many times, he passes with flying colors. For that, he is awarded a rose.

Farewell to Eric
Eric….buddy not a good move. Eric and Andi both agree that their relationship is stalling, and Eric tries to save it by opening up about his family life. But he still feels like that isn't enough. Instead he accuses Andi of being the one who isn't opening up and being herself. He calls her an actress who is acting in front of the cameras. Come on, Eric. You never blame the woman. Andi takes great offense to this accusation and sends Eric home on the spot.
Instead of a Rose Ceremony, host Chris Harrison and Andi spend five minutes paying a tribute to Eric, who has since passed away in a paragliding accident.
Though it wasn't shown, Tasos was also sent home during this episode.

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