Mar 26, 2014

My Baby Must Have List

1.       Diapers....Since Graham was my 1st baby I had no idea what diapers I would like. So of course I went the name brand route to start with.  Huggies were terrible for him because he had such little legs that he had blow outs all the time.  One day I got completely feed up with Huggies diapers and took $200 worth of diapers back to Walmart.  I really liked the Pampers swaddlers, it was great for his little skinny legs. It wasn't until a friend recommended the Target Brand diapers that I decided to give them a try.  They worked great and WAY cheaper too.

2.       Wipes....Hands down Huggies One & Done!!! They are AMAZING! I use less wipes because it will only take one maybe two wipes to take care of a mess.  They are so much more durable than other wipes. I seriously by them in the bulk packages.

3.       Moby Wrap....Graham loved the Moby wrap and I loved how well he fit in there and how much I was able to get done with a sleeping baby wrapped up on me.  I can safely say that we used the Moby wrap at least once a day. 

4.       Ergo Baby Carrier...Once Graham was big enough we switched to  the Ergo Baby Carrier.  It's a staple in our house, the Ergo stays in the van and we still use it to this day. Graham will be 2 in June and he loves it. He'll pass right out in it and I'm still able to get stuff done.

5.       Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper<>...this was great especially in the beginning with all the last night around the clock feedings.  I simple got him out of there, feed him, burped him and back down he went. It was too easy. We co-sleep with Graham until about 6 months and then transitioned him into his crib.  The transition was flawless.

6.       Bloom Fresco Highchair<> these are a little pricey....but I LOVE our Bloom Fresco Highchair.  Its seriously one of the very few highchairs that allow a child from 0-6 months to fit into them.  Tilt that puppy back and strap them in and they are content.  If I was in the kitchen doing something and I wasn't wearing Graham he was in the Bloom Highchair.  In reality, we should never have to buy another highchair because it transitions to so many different phases, so the initial prices sucks, but it pays for its self in the long run.

7.       Speaking of running...BOB Strollers<> are a MUST if you like to get out and about and running/jogging/wogging whatever you want to call it.  I came across a killer deal on a Bugaboo stroll and bought it and never used it because we only use our BOB.  My husband loves it, so much we are looking at getting a double BOB for Graham and baby #2.  Again it's another one of those expensive ass baby items...but with us both being runners and such we got our money's worth out of it.

8.       Medela Breast Pump<>...if you plan on breast-feeding this is a total must. As much as I enjoyed feeling like a milk cow...I loved my Medela pump.  After a few uses I went to Babies R Us and bought the Medela buster to hold the suction cones on to the boobies so I could pump two bottles at once and actually use my hands at the same time...if need be.

9.       Diaper Bags...My first diaper bag was a Timi & Leslie bag and I really liked it because it didn't look like a diaper bag at all. It was nice and big but the quality wasn't the best.  I've bounced around through a few different bags but haven't fallen in love with one yet. I did come across the Boken Diaper Bag<> and I'm really debating on getting one.

10.   Video monitor...This came in handy when Graham was napping and we were in the other room, outside or at night once we moved him to his crib.  It was great because you could see if he was really away or just moving around and being restless.

11.   Diaper pail...this is another must for all the stinky diapers.  We went with the Diaper Genie and LOVE it. We have not had any issues and it keeps the smell contained


  1. I cant wait to see the double bob stroller, i thought the single was a beast ;)

  2. @amanda. That's what I'm afraid of. I'm going to go by some place that has on in the store and give it a test drive lol