Mar 17, 2014

Wedding Recap

Happy St Patty’s Day!!! Hope you all have your Green on.

I was backing up my computer and came across our wedding pictures and realized that I hadn’t written much about our wedding.

Since the crib midget is sleeping, I figured I’d take a few moments and give yea a recap.
Our main goal to our wedding was low key, no stress and we wanted friends and family to join in and have a good time, nothing over the top just relaxing and simple.

We got engaged August 15, 2013 and were married Nov 9, 2013.  Which is NOT a lot of time in the wedding world. We had time working against so we needed to plan and plan fast.  Thanks to Pinterest and all of its amazing ideas, I was able to pull a wedding together pretty fast.

We managed to get everything booked {photographer, location, caterer, DJ} wedding dress bought, and decorations with in no time.

We decided to do all of our pictures prior to the ceremony.  I always hate going to wedding and having to wait forever for the bride and groom. We wanted everything to be done prior to the ceremony.

We had roughly 100 of our closest friends and family able to make it, which was just fine with us.  Our ceremony and reception where all in the same place, so we rolled right from the ceremony to food and drinks

John had the most amazing speech written up and before the dancing he stopped everything and read it out loud. I SOOO wish someone would of caught it on video but no one had a clue he was going to do it.  It was so sweet.

I apologies now for the picture overload

My fave Ginger

 Giving daddy the "last chance to run" sign

 Gotta get a pic with the boots
 The boys
 The Tierney's 

 Us with our Parents

The Girls
Navy dresses are from JCrew, cardigans are from Old Navy  flower girl dress I made.

 Right before the "first look"

 I loved how my broach bouquet turned out.

Reception Pics

Our guest book

 Our Ceremony Backdrop

 Shotgun shell boutonniere that I made.

So that was the quick and dirty.  I did as much DIY-ing as I had time for.  If you have any questions on where I ordered items or how I made them...Just ask!!!

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