Mar 11, 2014

St Croix...Here I come!!!

Last week, when I was driving home from the Little Rock Marathon, in the worst winter driving conditions that I have ever been exposed to, I received a text about Space A travel from a friend from work. As much as I wanted to help her out, I was in no place to chat. I politely told her it will have to wait and I’ll stop by her office when I get back into work.

Once I safely made it to my parents, I had decided to go ahead and get back a hold of her. I’m a wiz at Space A travel (military hops). I used to fly from Germany back to the US for like $15!!!! We were able to take a week long girls trip to Hawaii and only paid $130 apiece and that was for the lodging, rental and the flight was free!!!  I love me some Space A travel!!!!
So I just assumed that she and her husband where going to be planning a trip, little did I know what was in store for me.  She asked if there were Space A flights to the Virgin Islands (St. Croix specifically). After some research, I could not find anything too promising. I checked the commercial flights and the prices were not too bad.

That’s when the most awesome questions was asked…”So did you see the email I sent out about the triathlon?” My response was no because I had been out of the office.
“it looks like they are going to fund for us  to send a team and I need a coach because I won’t be able to make it due to my daughters prom, bday and other obligations.  Do you want to be the coach?”
Are you SERIOUS!!!!
Pay for me to go to St. Croix to coach the triathlon team!!!
 HECK yea when do I go? 

I would love to participate but I’m doing the St Jude’s ½ marathon the weekend prior and I will be 20 weeks pregnant at that time so I figured it wouldn’t be fair to participate when there are others who will be much faster than I.
I’ve never been to the Virgin Islands so I’m stoked!!!! 
All I have to pay for is anything extra that I decided to buy.  Travel, food, rental car, lodging is all covered.
Now…I just have to learn the enter workings of a triathlon.  I’ve always wanted to do it but never took the plunge.

And of course start researching the sites to see while I’m there.
Any triathloneers have any pointers?

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