Jan 22, 2014

Bathroom Pallet Wall Tutorial

Hey Friends.

Tonight I wanted to give you all a tutorial of our pallet wall in our new bathroom. The hubs and I had posted some pictures on our facebook page and people have been asking about it since we posted it. So I figured I'd let you see 1st hand how we did it.

I scoured Pinterest and came across this pic as my motivation. I loved the colors...but wasn't 100% sure if those colors would work for us.

 I was lucky enough to come across an endless amount of pallets at work. So I took the truck to work and loaded up 2 full truck loads {about 50 pallets total}  

Then it was time for a little manual labor.  I've seen some projects on Pinterest that took the time and removed the nails on the ends and middle of the pallets or carefully cut them. I figured screw it and just grabbed the saw and started cutting.  Don't worry I had the wood burner going in the garage to stay warm :)  

 After cutting through about 30-35 pallets, I grabbed the sander and touched up the edges and the front of the boards if I felt that they needed it.  I grouped the pieces by width and some by length.

After all the pieces where sanded and grouped, we stared staining. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the actual staining process, only a pic of the pallets drying. 
I went to Lowe's and purchased a 4 different tint-able stains {sangria, moss green, blue and brown}.  The stain was almost like a paint, which I loved because it washed off so much easier.

We also bought a $5 return gallon of a redish-brick paint to put on the bottom of the wall where the old wainscoting was. It worked perfectly.  We wanted a darker color to hide any gaps or imperfections in the wall behind the pallets. 

After painting...it was time to lay out the pallets. I stared by laying the rows out on the floor. Once I found my groove we started applying them to the walls.  To secure them to the wall we used some liquid nail & air nailed them to the wall. We hit the ends and the middle. Those boards aren't going anywhere :) 

The Hubs in action. 
We totally lucked out with piecing the wall together, there wasn't too much extra cutting to fit the boards.  John did an amazing job. I'm so proud of him.

The final project.  I was really not digging the blue when I was staining the wood, but LOVED the way all the colors turned out.  This might be the 1st Pinterest project that turn the way I was hoping.  

We still need to add some trim work to the bathroom but its totally functional. John did an awesome job. I'm so proud of him, he worked his ass off before he left to get everything running and functional.

Total cost for the pallet wall...
50 pallets= FREE
1 gal of Paint= $5.oo from Lowe's {it was a return gallon}
4 stains= $6.00/stain ($24 total)
2 tubed of Liquid nails=$6.00

Grand Total=$35.00 

 I'll take it.


  1. Have put my faith back in pintrest lol some things are do-able :) cant wait to see in person.

  2. Wow! Y'all did awesome. I love the focal wall behind the toilet!

  3. thanks Laura. it's def my favorite wall in the house :)

  4. Wowza! Great job. I love pallets and you created a great transformation.

  5. *gasp*. I absolutely adore this. Nice going!!