Jan 13, 2014

Bucket List

Hi ya'll...by ya'll I mean the 1-2 people who follow the sad little blog.
Anyway...I was driving into work this morning listening to my morning radio show & they were talking about New Year's Resolutions and how many people have already stopped or a given up on theirs.  The conversation then turned to bucket list, which made me think...I still have my bucket list on my computer & it needs updated.
But before I go into my ever growing bucket list, I'm going to share with you my 2014 bucket list.
14 in 2014 Bucket List
My 2014 Bucket List...
1. Read a book every month
2. Work out more & eat less crap
3. Complete at least 1 Marathon (Little Rock)
4. Be better organized
5. Declutter the house
6. Do more meal planning
7. Pay off some Debit
8. Blog more
9. Meet new people
10.Stay in better contact with old friends
11. Enjoy the present
12. Send more snail mail. letters, cards, ect.

Now on to my ever growing Bucket List {aka...wish list}
1.       Learn to act within your sphere of influence and stop worrying about things which are not within your control
2.       Go on a hot air balloon ride
3.       Get a 2nd chance at marriage (with someone who puts a little thought and effort into a proposal)
4.       Start a family
5.       Complete at triathlon
6.       Take 1st at the Bataan Death March, Women’s heavy
7.       Go white water rafting
8.       Walk the Grand Canyon
9.        Go to Vegas
10.   See the Northern Lights (the Aurora Borealis)
11.   Learn sign language
12.   Finish my Master’s
13.   Make a difference….Discover my life’s purpose.
14.   Learn to play the violin and Harp
15.    Take dancing lessons with someone
16.   Go scuba diving
17.   Go on a cruise
18.   Travel as much as possible…Australia…great barrier reef , Greece, Bora Bora
19.   Visit every continent
20.   Visit Normandy Beach
21.    Touch a Killer Whale
22.   Ride on a Pedal Tavern
23.   Visit The Kremlin in Russia
24.   Start going to church more often
25.   The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
26.   Go to a private concert
27.   Do more with my photography
28.   Take up more crafts…and finish them
29.   Become more organized
30.   Grow a garden (it didn’t turn out so well)
31.   Buy/Build a house….and make it “the perfect” house over the years
32.   Read every book your favorite author has written
33.   Learn not to take what others do or say personally
34.   Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty
35.   Make a difference in at least one person’s life
36.   Sell your original artwork or have it displayed somewhere
37.   Run with the Bulls
38.   Find inner peace and Learn to forgive
39.   See the Olympics in person
40.   Go to New York at Christmas time
41.   Ride a gondola in Venice
42.   Restore my ’69 Camaro
43.   Climb a mountain
44.    Learn to Surf
45.   Sky dive
46.   Relax…and let someone take photos of me
47.   A run a month for a year (almost there)
48.   Go on a Safari
49.   Watch wild mustangs roam
50.   Go to a NFL game
51.   Find a job/career that I really enjoy

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