Jan 27, 2014

Master Bedroom Remodel, part 2

We knew this project was not going to be an overnighter (a 3day-er if you watch HGTV)…try like a year….yup we strung it out for a year. We weren’t in a hurry. We had our original functioning bathroom; everything we were doing was extra.

We started with tearing down the old closet and ripping out the old carpet and flipping the room. We moved the bed down and removed all the stuff from the far end of the bedroom and it stayed in this hot mess of a state…for awhile.

We eventually added the closet walls!!! Which I love…I actually have a real closet that holds more than 10 items!!!!

We would buy items here and there and work on little things.  We worked on the electrical over the summer and it went pretty smoothly.  We had to buy a few extra items because whoever wired the house before…WOW... I don’t understand their logic.

During the remodel we got engaged (you can read about the proposal post here). We got married Nov 9th and John was going to be deploying early Jan so he definitely wanted the bathroom to be functioning before he left.  John took off pretty much the whole month of Dec to get things done before he left.

That boy worked his butt off. He worked with his buddy, John, who was our plumber and they finished the plumbing right before Christmas!!!!  My mom would come up on the weekends and watch Graham so we could get some things done around the house. A 19 month old makes DIY bathroom projects hard.  But you can see he's such a good helper.

My mom, bless her heart, had decided durning one of her visits that she was going to buy us the rest of the items we needed for the bathroom. So on Christmas Eve, her and my dad were coming up to visit and she called and said "Meet us at Lowes, we're going to finish getting the stuff for your bathroom"  She didn't want to give us money because we would of probably spent it on bills.  Mom was so touched that John was working so hard she didn't want to see all of his hard work to go unnoticed.
So after a last min shopping trip to Lowe's on Christmas Eve, we were set and ready to finish up the bathroom. Well finish it up the best that we could before John left. I’m pretty handy so most of the left over stuff I can finish while he’s gone.
But that poor boy....worked until the zero hour. We had to leave for Chicago early the next morning and we worked on the bathroom and packed until midnight the night before he left.

I love the way everything turned out.  Not to bad for 1st timers if I do say so myself.

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