Jan 8, 2014

OK...so I seriously have a problem. My name is Kira and I ‘m a Medal snob.
I am not a good runner, heck I really don't even call myself a runner. I finish races.
I've finished a several 1/2's and so far 3 full’s and a lot of 5ks. Anyway, I have never trained for any of them.
I'm not trying to be arrogant, you can hate me if you want to, I just get bored while running. It’s
weird I know. Many run because it is their outlet, blah blah blah.
I do it because I semi like it…not so much at the time…but I really do it normally for the medals. 
I’m a Medal snob!!! I pick races because of their medals. Other Than St Jude’s races, I do those for
the cause.
I blame my husband.  There are a few of us where I work that run/finish races. Well my husband (BF
at the time) was reading Runner’s World and seen an article about a race.  He looked it up and came
into my office and said…”we have to do this race…have you seen the medal?”  At the time I have
only complete 1 marathon (Bataan Death March) I rucked 26.2 miles in a full military uniform and a
weighted backpack.  I said that I would never do another race again….what can I say…the bug bit
Anyway, I asked him when it is...his response, "in less than 3 weeks!" are you freaking nuts!!! Less than 3 weeks to prep for a 26.2 run. Oh man this is gonna hurt. It definitely didn't feel good, but we finished.
2 years later…we were dumb enough to do it again.
This year...the medal is bigger than last year. I wasn't going to do it until 2 ladies that work in my office had decided to do it.  Dang it...I couldn't not have that big huge medal too!!! I had to ask myself,  "Self, could I pass by their office and see it hanging there in all of it's glory?"  Nope I sure can't!!!! So, I signed up for my yearly 26.2 mile race...8 weeks out.
Wish me Luck!!!! 
It's Super Hero themed this year....what should I dress up as?

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