Jan 5, 2014

Proposal Recap

Hello Friends!!!

I owe you all a recap of our wedding day and, trust me,  I'm working on that.  
One of my 2014 goals is to blog more.  The Hubby left for his deployment so I hope to blog more to fill up my time.  

I suppose I should start with the Proposal Story.  
We live in a small town in Central Illinois and for a small town,there are quiet a few hot air ballon hobbyist.  
We always see the balloons going up in the morning and evening going to and from work. I've mentioned in passing how I would like to go up in one, but I know the Hubs would never be up for it, because he hates heights.

On 08.15.13 we got home from work around 4:45 ish and needed to change and meet the in-laws and the Hub's sister for her B-day dinner.  The weather was nice and warm, so I through on some shorts and a t-shirt and john asked that I put on jeans and tennis shoes. I thought it was a little weird but I would wear yoga pants and a sports bra every day if i could :). 

We have to pick up the baby from daycare by 6pm and meet everyone for dinner at 6:15.
It was almost 5 and we needed to run by Walmart to get a b-day card and still run by daycare to pick up Graham.  I hate being late!!! It's a huge pet peeve of mine.  Anyway, I was ready to leave and John kept dragging his feet, which started to piss me off.  

We finally got to town, ran to Walmart.  John dropped me off at the door so I could run inside to grab a card.  A few mins passed and I get a text "hey i need to grab cash for dinner & i gotta run to the bathroom"  So I wondered around Walmart for a few mins until I got a text letting me know he was ready to go.

We got to the truck and John drove the longest way possible to get out of the parking lot and then drives into the bank parking lot near Walmart. I was for sure he was doing this all to get a rise out of me now. 

I asked him what we were doing now and he said he forgot the get cash.  It was 5:30...daycare closes in 30 mins!!! I'm starting to panic, lol.

He then pulls into a spot in the parking lot, and I lose it. I ask, "what the hell are we doing now? we're going to be late getting Graham!"

We get out of the truck and we starting walking into this flat open area and the next thing I know....he was proposing!!! The timing was perfect because the hot air balloon guys drove up.  He had planned the whole thing. He's plan was to pull in and have the hot air balloon waiting but they were a little late getting there which is why he kept stalling.  The kicker was he had look at my Pinterest boards and had our friend Amanda taking pictures in the bushes.  One of pins was to have a photographer hiding and snap pictures of the proposal.  Yea he's a keeper.

I'm trying to figure out what the hell is going on

Yep, that just happened

He just told me that Amanda was hiding in the bushes taking pics and all of our family was in the parking lot and we're taking a hot air ballon ride!

I can't believe he went up...he hates heights.


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