Feb 10, 2014

Marathon Monday

Happy Monday!!!
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. We had a lazy Sunday and it was amazing..like stayed in our PJs all day...yes I even ran to Walmart...and went in my jammies...trust me I wasn't the only one like that. LOL..
Anyway...my yearly marathon is right around the corner...17 days actually. 
Over lunch today a few of us were talking about running gear and what not and figured I'd share with you some of my favorite running gear.

1.  Running belt...I don't have a specific brand that I just love. The one that I have I picked up at a race expo. I do love how convenient they are. You can put your GU/energy packs in them, cell phone, chapstick, ect. You can even use them to hold your bib.

2. Moving Comfort Juno bra...I can't say enough great things about this bra. I LOVE it...my plan is to slowing replace my old sports bras with all moving comfort junos. I say slowly because they are alittle pricey.  You can find them on a ton of different sites, amazon, REI, lady foot locker

3. Ruffles with Love T...Love their girly look and cute sayings.  Not a great dri-fit shirt or anything but they're cute.

4 Body Glide...This is a must. I use it under my arms and thighs.  hey it happens. I use it instead of being in pain.

5. Compresson Running Pants...I have some under armour compression pants and love them for when the weather is chilly.  It works great for preventing thigh chaffing too.

6. Bondi Band...No slip, no drip head band...love them. they look like a 1980's flash back headband but they totally do the trick and when its cold I can unfold it and cover my ears.

7. Burt's Bees wax Chapstick...I gotta have some good chapstick when running.  My lips hurt real bad when I run.

8. Running Skirts...When the weather is right...I love running skirts.  I never would of thought I'd say that but they are just do darn cute.

9. Music...Normally for most larger races I use my phone so when we have to meet up later I have a way to get a hold of people.  But for smaller races I use my nano.

10. YurBuds... Picked these up at an expo and have used them ever since. LOVE them. they fit well and you can still hear road noise (ie...cars coming ect...)

11. Compression Socks....Since starting to run distance races, I have started to use Pro Compression Socks.  they are normally alittle pricey but they offer discount codes all the time and they have cute designs too.

12. Nike Plus GPS Watch...I'm not a die hard runner so I don't have an expensive GPS watch. I do have the Nike Plus GPS Watch and have liked it thus far. No major issues and it fits fairly well too.

13. Mizuno Wave Creation 13...Since switching from Nike to Mizuno...I LOVE MY MIZUNO!!! I have had ZERO issues. Minimal blisters and maybe 1-2 lost toe nails. When I was wearing my Nike's oh it was bad...so so bad.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my Marathon Monday Post.
Happy Running.


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