Feb 2, 2014

26.2 Reasons Why I Run a Marathon

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. 
My weekend was full of military training all weekend.
I was talking to one of the ladies that will be running the Little Rock Marathon with me today.  This will be her 1st marathon so we were dicussing what to expect, ect.  I am not a marathon professional but I've completed Little Rock twice now so I have a pretty good feel for the course.
We have a MONTH to get ready for Little Rock...I'm seriously insane.  As we were talking there were a few people walking by and their comment were:
 "Why would you do that to yourself?"
"You know that's gonna hurt, right?"
"I don't even like driving 26 miles."
So I started to think...why the hell do I do this to myself. So here are my 26.2 Reasons Why I Run a Marathon.
1. For the purpose of Little Rock...it is TOTALLY for the medal. It's HUGE

2. You get to Carb Load and no one will judge you when you tell them why :)

3. Beer taste even better than ever after you have ran 26.2 miles
4. 26.2 miles allows for a lot of me-time reflection. I have came up with some of the best solutions, solved the world’s problems and finished 26.2 miles all at the same time.
5. You will meet some amazing people along the way. Almost everyone has their reasons to complete a marathon. As you talk to people along the way you will meet some amazing people.
6. After parties are pretty nice. even though you can barely walk but it’s a good time
7. You will feel like a EFF-ING Rock Star. Sore, yes...but you will feel the best that you have ever felt in your life.
8. From this point on....you will compare life events to what it was like to train and finish a marathon, you will say "I got this, i've finished a marathon" to almost anything
9. You'll be amazed on the new things that you will try. After my 1st race...I said I would never do that shit again...well here I am...working on marathon #4
10. Who knows...you could be someone else’s motivation to run a 5K, 1/2 or marathon.
11. There is a certain amount of self confidence with comes after finishing a marathon.
12. I get to put those bad ass 13.1 & 26.2 stickers/magnets on my car :)
too much?
13. You will know what it’s like to not give up. There has been plenty of times that I told myself...i can cut off at the 1/2 and no one would know...but i didn't i kept going.
14. You will mostly likely lose some weight or tone up during the training process.
15. You will most likely complete another marathon and you will want to do better the next time. You'll want that PR (personal record) time.
16. The crowds along the way are amazing. Kids holding signs, strangers yelling your name for 26.2 miles, college students holding out beer and playing music to keep yea motivated. complete strangers doing what they can to help.
17. You get to travel to a new place…or a place you’ve been to before. But I bet you’ll see something new
18. Running on a treadmill can be painfully boring…what a better way to save up some dough and ditch the gym membership and it the open roads
19.  Give back to charity.  Many races are geared towards some sort of charity event. 
20.  No matter what your time is…you will still be amazed when the elite runners go blowing past you at record speeds.
21.  Gives you another reason to update your ipod.  Gotta have a good play list. Unless you’re a run in silence type person
22. You will be part of a unique group of people.  Not everyone runs 26.2 miles…why that shit is hard
23.  Gives you a reason to get some new gear.  Shoes, running clothes, GPS, Ipod you name it
24. Swag bag. Most races give out some free goodies in their swag bags. Some are pretty nice. Have you seen the Nike Women’s Swag from DC...it's on my list now.  Hello Tiffany'
25.  I don't know why it is...but you will fall in love with whatever song is playing when you get to the finish line.  True story...I finished 2 halfs and Mylie Cyrus "Party in the USA" was playing...and I now that song is my Lady jam.
26.  New town= new eateries.
26.2 You'll start plotting the map for more races to run.
I will leave you with my favorie youtube video.  This SERIOUSLY brings tears to my eyes. It cracks me up.  Enjoy!!!


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