Feb 25, 2014

How I Met Your Mother

We're almost 1/2 way to the weekend!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend planned.  I will be heading to Little Rock for my next marathon!!!!  Bring on the bling

It has been almost 2 months since John has left and I’m missing him just a tad today. J
So I decide to do a how we met post today

Our story is unique…

John and I met back in 2009 when I moved back from Germany.  I had just moved to Springfield, started working a new job and was going through a divorce. I was in no position to even start looking for someone to date and to be honest had no desire to.  However, I did humor the idea and dated a few people here and there but I just needed some time for me.  I needed time to clear my head and to figure out what I wanted/needed to do with my life.

Shortly after I started working at my new job, John came to work at the same place. He was quiet and kept to himself. For the most part, most of the people in our office were all about the same age so we all got along well and became pretty good friends.  In the beginning, he wasn’t even on my radar. Mostly because he was married and I had no interest. He was funny and cute in his own way.  A ginger had never been one my “type” of people lol.

John started to come out of his shell more and started hanging out with us more and talking to us on a more personal level.  We learned that he too was going through a divorce so the 3-4 of us all had this common ground that we could talk about and share with each other. 

John and I started out as work friends; we both started doing races and started hanging out more with the same people.  We both tried online dating, so we would talk about all the “fun” people we had met, lol.  Hey don’t judge…  into the later part of summer we had started texting and showing interest into one another.

It wasn’t until August ’10 that john had actually asked me to go do something.  We have a state fair that happens every year and he had asked if I wanted to go with him to go see a concert.  I had a bachelorette party in Chicago that weekend and wasn’t coming back until Sunday which was the day of the concert.  I hadn’t heard too much from him that weekend because I was in Chicago and he was having a “guys” get together at his place. So on Sunday I took my time getting home and decided not to go. I honestly didn’t think he was serious because he hadn’t gotten tickets yet. I had never been to concert without tickets in hand, so I figured he wasn’t too serious about it.  Oh and don’t worry I still hear about it to this day.

We were still strictly friends and were still talking to other people, about a month later, I had tickets to a STL Cardinals game and the guy that was supposed to go with me flaked out.  I text john and asked him if he wanted to go.  I let him know that I had an extra ticket and a hotel room paid for and booked.  A weekend on baseball and drinking in STL…I mean how could you pass that up.  I was in Southern IL a few days prior to the game so I met John and 2 other friends who were going to the game in STL.

The weekend was a blast and that was the beginning of our relationship. We were inseparable from that weekend on.  It was strange really. I had never wanted to spend that much time with another person without them getting on my nerves.  We were either at my apt or his house.  It was Oct before we decided to make it official and “start dating” it seems so high schoolish now but still cute to me.
We dove head first and never looked back. A few weeks after dating we went out to DC for the Army 10 miler and then in Nov we took a trip over thanksgiving to Germany and Paris. It was a blast. I’ll post about our trip later.  The next summer we took a trip to Mexico and have traveled numerious places since then. 

our 1st Vacation!!! skiing in the Alps

our last night in Mexico

Our relationship probably doesn’t sound unique to anyone at this point…but the kicker is…we had to keep this all on the DL due to our positions in the military.  The military has this fraternization rule that prohibits us being together because I out rank John…Sounds kinda like Romeo and Juliet…lol  So at work we couldn’t talk about it, if we posted stuff on FB or anywhere it was as always left out.  It took some planning and 3 years before everything starting working in our favor and started panning out.

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